© Seenland Oder-Spree / Florian Läufer

Across the Schlaubetal

Discovery tour

The Schlaubetal and its eponymous nature park are still considered an insider's tip when it comes to exploring nature. Visitors and locals alike have described the Schlaubetal as the most beautiful creek valley in eastern Brandenburg. Among cities like Cottbus or Frankfurt/Oder, it is considered one the most popular nature recreation areas. This remnant of the Weichselian glacial period in the form of a tunnel valley can be explored entirely from north to south, beyond the hiking tour delineated above. There are also various options for one-day hiking tours, exploring this marvellous area from the same starting and endpoint. River Schlaube traverses woodlands, meadows and inland dunes. It delves into gorges, leaves behind marshland, and runs through ponds and lakes. Habitats of various kinds provide rare species ideal environments to thrive. Many resting places are located at scenic locations. Former mills, nowadays used as restaurants, entice visitors to sample some regional cuisine. A speciality, for instance, is the "Schlaubetal platter" filled with locally grown delicacies (fish, meat, vegetables including beverage).

Further details:

Bus Ausflugslinie Schlaubetal A400 in Müllrose© Haus des Gastes Müllrose / Lutz Boltz
  • Length: 25 km, duration: approx 7 to 8 h
  • Start/Goal: Müllrose, lido/Schlaubemühle (nature preservation centre)
  • Logo / route marking: blue "S" on white ground
  • Arrival and Departure:
    Car: A12, AS Müllrose; Parking: Müllrose, lido/Wirchensee
    Train: RE1 to Frankfurt (Oder), continue with OE36
    Bus: Excursion bus line Schlaubetal A400, Sat. Sun. and on holidays (1 May - 30 September)
  • Maps/Literature: 
    "Naturparadies Schlaubetal", 1:50,000, ISBN 978-3-89920-347-9
    Hiking guide "Wanderparadies Schlaubetal", ISBN 978-3-941085-78-7
    Texts provided with kind permission of www.wandermagazin.de

Route description:

Frau steht Arme ausbreitend vor einem See, welcher umringt ist von einem herbstlich gefärbten Wald.© Seenland Oder-Spree /Florian Läufer

The tour starts off at Lake Großer Müllroser See and leads along the eastern banks of the lake. Having passed the lido and camping site, you are leaving the paved walkway. The hiking tour continues on picturesque wooded trails. At first, you will be marvelling at Lake Großer Müllroser See on the right, then at the slightly hilly landscape of end moraines on the left-hand side. After the southern tip of the lake, the path makes a slight turn cutting through the Wustrow hills, i.e. very striking end moraines, before facing the depression of Lake Belenzsee. A stretch of paved bike path takes you to Ragower Mühle. Having passed the Schlaube, you will continue the hike on a spectacular path on the right-hand side of the valley. Riparian forest dominates this side of the valley. The next intermediate goal is the "Kupferhammer" restaurant. This where you can lean back and relax right next to the babbling brook. Again, the side of the trail will be changed. The cheerful sound of the stream provides a little more accompanying music before the trail wriggles along an elongated body of water, Lake Langesee. Water lilies form wide mats on the water surface. Once Lake Schinkensee has been completed, the Siehdichum forester's lodge is in near sight. Stay on the bike trail a little bit before making a right turn onto a path into the valley of Lake Hammersee. The path continues on the left-hand side of the valley along Lake Hammersee. Along the riverbanks, it meanders a little up and down through the hills of the end moraines. A sign in front of the mill "Bremsdorfer Mühle" refers to an observation site for all kinds of aquatic birds. Past the mill (right side of valley), the geography of surroundings changes. Here, River Schlaube forms a swampy valley with riparian forest, embedded in the hills of an end moraine landscape. At Kieselwitzer Mühle you are once again switching to the left-hand side of the valley. This is where you will come across a few smaller, but significant ascents and descents before the hike comes to an end at the information centre. The bus stop is located on the right-hand side of the main road. 

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