© Seenland Oder-Spree / Florian Läufer

Across the Schlaubetal

Discovery tour

Like a mountain stream, the Schlaube ripples through the narrow valley. Here whispering, there silent, sometimes giggling, sometimes rushing, sometimes a gentle meadow stream. The narrow path winds along the course of the river below the wooded slopes. Sometimes you have to climb over rotten trees or fight your way through thick ferns. The grey wagtail hops from stone to stone, the tapping of the woodpecker echoes through the forest and the nearest tree has been felled by a beaver. Only a few steps further, a quiet lake spreads out and a majestic white-tailed eagle circles high above. At any time of year, the Schlaubetal presents itself with fascinating images. 

The Schlaubetalwanderweg is a varied hiking trail on which you get to know the entire scenic diversity of the Schlaubetal. To complete the entire route as a challenging day tour, you can hike the trail, which runs in a north-south direction, in either direction. If you travel by public transport, we recommend that you start in the south and hike north. This makes it easier for you to plan your return journey by bus or train from Müllrose, the destination of the tour, without any time pressure.

Further details:

Bus Ausflugslinie Schlaubetal A400 in Müllrose© Haus des Gastes Müllrose / Lutz Boltz
  • Length: 28 km, duration: approx 7 to 8 h
  • Start: Schlaubemühle / Treppeln
  • Goal: Müllrose
  • Logo / route marking: blue "S" on white ground
  • Arrival: RE1 to Jacobsdorf, then bus A400 to Schlaubemühle (May - October on weekends) or RE1 to Frankfurt (Oder), then RB11 to Eisenhüttenstadt and bus 401
  • Departure: RB36 from Müllrose to Frankfurt (Oder) + RE1 towards Berlin. 
  • Maps/Literature: 
    Nature Paradise Schlaubetal, 1:50.000, ISBN 978-3-89920-347-9, 2,95 Euro
    Hiking guide "Hiking Paradise Schlaubetal", ISBN 978-3-941085-78-7, 9,95 Euro
    Brochure "Discovery Tours
    Map Hiking Adventure Seenland-Oder-Spree

Highlights in the Schlaubetal:

Frau steht Arme ausbreitend vor einem See, welcher umringt ist von einem herbstlich gefärbten Wald.© Seenland Oder-Spree /Florian Läufer
  • Personal forest stage: Hiking through one of the most beautiful stream valleys in Brandenburg. Performers: oneself and the changing Schlaube. Other characters: shimmering lakes, dense magical forests, dark swamps, rare animal and plant species and dreamy old mills.
  • Schlaubetalwanderweg: Challenging trekking day tour over the entire length. Shorter day stages and other options in the hiking region are also possible. The A400 excursion line offers access and exit points and is coordinated with the railway timetable. Alternatively, stay at nature campsites, hotels and guesthouses or youth hostels.
  • Bathing: At Treppel, Schervenz and Müllros lakes.
  • Focused: Refuges, rest stops and photo spots for nature and bird watching

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