© Denise Siebert

Discover wild and medicinal herbs

Tried and tested plant knowledge and modern herbal medicine

The use of wild and medicinal herbs has a long tradition and is deeply rooted in us as humans. Wild herbs have been used as food and for medicinal applications for many centuries. Unfortunately, this wealth of knowledge is increasingly being lost in our fast-moving world.

What's special?

  • Get to know wild and medicinal herbs on herb hikes and in workshops
  • Useful information about collecting and processing (kitchen, medicine cabinet, natural cosmetics)
  • Welcome herbal lemonade or tea, samples of various herbal snacks
  • Making take-away herbal products
  • small groups with plenty of time for individual questions

Denise from Nisi's Kräuterwirtschaft - certified herbalist and naturalist

Wild- und Heilkräuter entdecken© Denise Siebert

Wild herbs are her passion. Her love of nature has been with her since childhood. 
She shares her knowledge in her herb courses and inspires people to discover the wild herbs on their doorstep.

In three hours to the herbal fairy


Immerse yourself in the exciting world of wild herbs together with the herb fairy Denise. You can read everything you learn and discover in a three-hour hike in the blog article by our Lakeland explorer Kathi! Take a look at our blog and try it out for yourself!

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