© TMB-Fotoarchiv / Steffen Lehmann

"Kinder von Golzow"

Film museum "Children of Golzow"

In the long-term documentary "Children of Golzow", history comes alive in its upheavals from 1961 to 2007. The film museum offers the exhibition to this unique film chronicle.

One of the longest film documentaries in the world began in 1961 with the enrollment of girls and boys from the village of Golzow in the Oderbruch region. It did not end until 2005 and captures everyday life in the GDR, during the reunification period and after reunification. 19 films with 18 individual portraits tell about longings, successes, disappointments, fears and last but not least both happy and tragic events. The museum, which was reopened in 2008 after a redesign, presents the biographies of the film heroes, shows peripheral stories, photos, documents, letters and the original editing tables of the authors Winfried and Barbara Junge. In addition, all films can be viewed and purchased. Several hundred reels of unpublished material are also stored here, which are being viewed and processed for the chronicle.

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