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"Schlosspark Steinhöfel"

castle park

Steinhöfel Castle Park is considered the first landscape garden in the English style in the entire Mark Brandenburg. Steinhöfel Castle, of which the garden is a part, is one of the most beautiful late classicist aristocratic residences in the region. It owes its present appearance to the von Massow family, who had it extended several times in the late 18th century.

The famous architect David Gilly completely rebuilt the castle by order of Valentin von Massow. The farm buildings opposite the castle until then were demolished and replaced by an elongated pond surrounded by trees and a meadow. At the end, a small bridge spanned the artificial body of water as the center of the newly created park. It was very unusual for that time that the castle was not in the usual axially central position to the garden ensemble, but was situated to the side of it.

The spacious park always offers beautiful views of meadows, old trees and the pond. At the entrance, two sphinxes are enthroned on portals and seem to greet every single visitor. In addition to the castle, there are other buildings in the garden landscape, which have been harmoniously inserted into the scenic idyll. The most culturally and historically striking building here is the library, which is shaped like an ancient temple. Many small urns play an important role in the overall ensemble and form a reminiscence of the Romantic era. Long walks or simply enjoying the pleasant peace and quiet make a visit to this park in the warm summer months a successful excursion.

The interplay of the garden design with individual buildings such as the Chinese House, the Bird House and the Library create memorable landscape images. At the hotel of Steinhöfel Castle you can enjoy the culinary offer of the restaurant after the walk or unpack the picnic basket to start a meal with a view under one of the beautiful trees.

Year of construction: 1730
Directions: By car: A12 to exit Fürstenwalde/Ost, continue via B168 and L36

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