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St. Mary´s cathedrale


Fürstenwalde's St. Marien Cathedral, with its 68-meter-high tower, is visible from afar. Along with Brandenburg a.d. Havel and Havelberg, Fürstenwalde is one of the three cathedral cities in the Mark Brandenburg region. In its present form, it was built as a three-nave cathedral church around the middle of the 15th century. Particularly noteworthy - not only because of its height - is the tower construction. The square main building with its polygonal towers was completed around 1470. Damaged and restored many times in the course of history, the cathedral was almost completely reduced to rubble in April 1945. However, the church building was fully restored. The most valuable exhibit of the interior is the 12-meter-high sacrament house by the Freiberg sculptor Franz Maidburg. It dates back to the year 1517. The cathedral serves as a place of worship for the congregation. A variety of events and concerts take place in it.

Organ: In 1999, the cathedral congregation purchased the three-manual Schuke organ from St. Thomas Church in Leipzig. In 2003, almost all stops of the old Leipzig organ could be heard in the festive service for Reformation Day. Further extensions were financed by donations. Today, the organ consists of 4316 pipes and weighs a total of 25 tons. The smallest pipe has a length of 6,5 mm and weighs 4,2 g. The largest pipe is 6.50 m long and weighs 75 kg.

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