© Seenland Oder-Spree / Florian Läufer

"Rathausbrauerei Fürstenwalde"


"One brews a delicious beer" so wrote Mayor Jacob Lotichius in 1679 about the product of one of the city's most important trades. Since 2014, Fürstenwalde residents and their guests have been able to learn about the significant history of Fürstenwalde's breweries, with their influence extending as far as Japan, at the Brewery Museum in the Ratskeller of the Old Town Hall.

There you can marvel at fascinating testimonies to Fürstenwalde's beer history from many centuries. Learn the story of the founder of the Japanese Sapporo Brewery, who learned the art of brewing in Fürstenwalde, or find out why Fürstenwalde beer was to blame for the hanging of "Krüger Kersten," an innkeeper from Steinhöfel, in Müncheberg in 1516. Experience vividly how beer is still produced today according to old traditions in the RHB Rathausbrauerei, which is located right next to the museum.

Of course, after the tour you will also have the opportunity to participate in a tasting of different varieties of original Fürstenwalder Rathausbräu.

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