© Lisa Wiese

Time out with horses

Immerse yourself in the feeling of absolute freedom

When you take a break with horses, you not only meet the currently 9-strong free herd of horses, but above all you also meet yourself. In contact with these wonderful animals you can come into your own. The horses show you who you really are. With the wild nature in and around you, you feel a feeling of absolute freedom. Mindfulness exercises, exchanges in the group and cooking together over the fire make horse time a very special experience. Surrounded by beautiful nature, women are invited to relax and feel themselves.

What's special?

  • Encounter with a herd of horses
  • Relaxation and deceleration
  • Beautiful nature experience
  • Get out of everyday life, feel yourself
  • Experience limits and grow beyond them

Anja Hradetzky - hay milk farmer on the Stolze Cow farm in the lower Odertal, trainer for animal husbandry and author

Slow Trip "Auszeit mit Pferden" © Lisa Wiese

Anja is the first woman in Europe to teach cow whispering. She learned the Low Stress Stockmanship method on a Canadian ranch. Anja completed training at the Institute for Social Learning with Animals in Wedemark and offers animal encounters as animal-assisted interaction for those interested in the animals' natural environment on pasture. Anja gives seminars on animal welfare, stockmanship, pasture milking, cow-based calf rearing and start-up founding with alternative financing options and has been recognized as a Green Founder. She rides western horses, trains dogs, cattle and people in their body language and is committed to rural agriculture and village development.

Lisa Wiese - alternative practitioner and doula (birth companion)

Hund auf dem Feld© Lisa Wiese

The focus of her work is to accompany women on their very personal path to a self-determined and free life or birth. She has been working with women's groups for many years and has discovered her talent for creating safe spaces where women are invited to show themselves and everything that belongs to them. Lisa lives very close to nature and knows how supportive nature can be in challenging phases in life and that she often has answers to our questions. With the horses she can live out her desire for freedom and experience what it means to be completely in the here and now. She enjoys sharing these experiences with other women during her time out with horses.

Time out with horses


Immerse yourself in the feeling of absolute freedom. Give yourself the opportunity to slow down, find yourself and, above all, get back to nature. Accompany our blogger on her time out with horses.

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