© Constanze Büxler

“Sleeping Beauty has awakened”

Gain insights into textile production in rural households 200 years ago

Urticahof - Studio and show workshop for hand weaving, felting, spinning and plant dyeing

In the Urticahof studio and demonstration workshop, old traditional textile craft techniques will be demonstrated and you will gain an insight into textile production in rural households 200 years ago. Spinning wheels, looms and much more can be viewed here.

What's special?

  • Show workshop with old textile craft techniques
  • Experience directly how products are created on the loom or during felting
  • The products are made exclusively from natural materials, regional, sustainable and each piece is unique

Constanze Büxler - trained hand weaver and educator

© Constanze Büxler

Constanze Büxler's life is a woven fabric with many bright colors. She received the technical and artistic skills during her training as a hand weaver and course leader for textile design. Working on a new fabric, the idea, the design, the preparatory work on the loom and finally the first woven thread, then slowly the creation of the fabric is like her life. Each thread woven in is unique and indispensable for the entire textile work. She is always excited to see what result awaits her at the end. She invites you to come along on this journey as part of a workshop visit.

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