© Eileen Froelich

Painting for the soul

Find inner peace and experience yourself through accompanied painting

"A time in which you don't ponder, think things through or project anything. It's a chance to understand more by perceiving our inner voice and giving it space, color and form."

Accompanied painting in the "BewusstSein in Farbe" studio

Accompanied painting gives you the opportunity to find inner peace and strength, to experience yourself without judgment and to receive support through special painting guidance.

Give space to your unconscious, get in touch with yourself through mindful painting and the power of creativity. Develop your visual language, learn to trust your intuition and yourself and experience ease in painting.

What's special? 

  • Promoting inner peace, concentration and serenity.
  • Exploring your own intuition and learning to trust yourself.
  • Further development of your own visual language and promotion of fine motor skills
  • Individual, person-oriented support in the painting process
  • Previous knowledge or good painting experience is not required.
  • Get to know guided painting according to Arno Stern/ Bettina Egger.

Eileen Froelich - person-oriented painting therapist

© Eileen Froelich

As a person-oriented painting therapist and course leader for Shinrin Yoku forest bathing, Eileen Froelich accompanies adults, children, young people and families in their health and personal process. In doing so, she supports them in consciously perceiving their own experience, finding inner peace and experiencing themselves mindfully, free from thinking and judgment, in order to build a natural connection to themselves and experience a caring and loving relationship with themselves.

In her studio "BewusstSein in Farbe", she offers the opportunity to develop an awareness of yourself and your needs. In the studio, you can do something for yourself and your soul individually. Her offer ranges from free painting for people who want to try themselves out to accompanied painting and person-oriented painting therapy.

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