© Seenland Oder-Spree / Florian Läufer

slow trips

Time for country & people

What the heck is slow trips?

Say ´goodbye´ to conventional tourism and
´hello´ to experiencing local culture!

First, the dry facts: Slow Trips is a LEADER Transnational Cooperation (TNC) project on socio-cultural tourism and slow travel experiences.

Sounds fancy and complicated and maybe even a little boring, right? But what does it mean? It means that, across Europe, various regions have come together to create something that is called European Slow Travel Experiences.

The slow trips offers you’ll find here are all niche products in the field of creative tourism, ranging from the amusing to the downright kooky.

We want to leave dusty old tourism behind and give you sustainable cultural tourism off the beaten track instead. You, the traveler, will have the opportunity to realize your creative potential through active participation in your trip. You’ll get a peek at (and take part in) the actual realities of the people who live and work in the region, discovering and experiencing everyday local cultures.

Keep Calm & Slow Down

Get creative yourself


Creating a small sculpture

Learn bronze casting using the sand casting process

© Schloß Trebnitz, Bildungs- und Begegnungszentrum e.V.

Artistic travel diary

Introduction to a design technique

© Antonia Duende

Me and my garden


Natural fruit tree pruning

One-day course for professional and natural fruit tree care

© Mathias Bartsch

Discover a variety of vegetables and herbs

Introduction to seed production

© Ute Boekholt

Immerse yourself in the water kingdom of the Oder-Spree Lake District...

You have only really been where you have walked.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Slow Trips is a LEADER transnational cooperation project focusing on socio-cultural tourism and slow travel experiences.
The project is supported by

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