© Oliver Standke

Donkey hiking

with Juli & August

God must be a donkey.

(Sancho Panza)

The supposedly stubborn donkey is the ideal companion for excursions in the surrounding area. Learning from a donkey means finding serenity and enjoying the little one in front of you. The two geldings, Juli & August, enjoy walking with donkey-loving people, carrying luggage and picnic baskets. A human companion also comes along. 

What's special?

  • Relaxation
  • Slowing down
  • Contact with (patient) animals
  • Discovering nature
  • Can replace the therapist ;)

Oliver Standke - artist and donkey lover

© Oliver Standke

Oliver Standke moved from Berlin to Reichenow 12 years ago, where he lives as a freelance graphic designer and artist.

On extensive hikes with donkeys in southern Europe, he made his first acquaintance and experiences with the calming and decelerating effect of donkeys on people and the enchanting nature of the animals. In 2017, he met August the donkey in a village in the Mark Brandenburg region, where he was being kept alone and in unworthy conditions. August was rescued and rehabilitated and found a new home. As donkeys should not live alone, Juli from Saxony joined the pair and so the former city dweller became a donkey farmer and companion.

A slow trip with Juli and August in September


Together with Juli and August, the Wanderfreundinnen enjoyed a slow day exploring the region around Reichenow with Oliver Standke. You can read about the calming effect the two very special hiking guides have on their companions in the Wanderfreundinnen blog. Take a look at our blog - and then try it out for yourself!

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