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The tour on the Oder-Neisse Cycle Route begins in Guben, on the German-Polish border. The Oder and Neisse rivers meet in Ratzdorf. Here, during the flood of the century in 1997, the gauge house showed the record level of 6.88 meters. The cycle path leads through the Oder-Spree lake district as far as Hohensaaten. In between, there are plenty of occasions to get off your bike.
For example, at Neuzelle Monastery. The "baroque wonder of Brandenburg" is one of the few completely preserved monastery complexes in Europe. The museum "Heavenly Theater" shows the unique Neuzell Passion depictions and is an attraction of European rank.
A few kilometers further north, the next surprise awaits: Eisenhüttenstadt. The town was built for the steel mill in the 1950s. The houses of the four apartment complexes in the "Zuckerbäcker" style are becoming increasingly popular as backdrops for movies and TV films. But don't forget the "old" Eisenhüttenstadt in the Fürstenberg district.
In the Kleist city of Frankfurt (Oder), you can make a detour to the Polish neighbors. Or you can visit St. Mary's Church with its valuable leaded glass windows. If you are good on foot, climb the church tower and enjoy the fantastic view over the city. The contrast to the cities follows with the Oderbruch between Lebus and Bad Freienwalde. The landscape, which was drained by Prussian King Frederick II, has a character all its own.
When the Adonis roses bloom around Lebus in spring, the Oder slopes turn a brilliant yellow. In Reitwein, a detour from the dike into the village is worthwhile. From the Reitweiner Sporn, the view extends all the way to the Oder.
In April 1945, the Oderbruch was the scene of fierce fighting. In Kienitz there is a monument of a Russian tank which reminds of the fights in the last days of the war. In Groß Neuendorf you can spend the night in the Kulturhafen in former railroad wagons and enjoy the view over the Oder in the café in the loading tower.
The colonist villages in the Oderbruch, all of which have a "Neu" in their place names, not only offer pedal riders numerous overnight accommodations, but are also great photo opportunities!

Further details:

Zwei Radfahrerinnen sitzen an der Oder bei Zollbrücke und schauen auf den Fluss© Seenland Oder-Spree / Florian Läufer
  • Length: 577 km, section Seenland Oder-Spree: 154 km
  • Start: Guben
  • Goal: Hohensaaten
  • Logo / route marking: green triangle saying "Oder-Neiße".
  • Maps/Literature: 
    "Bikeline-Radtourenbuch Oder-Neisse-Radweg", scale 1:75.000, published by Esterbauer, ISBN 3-85000-014-1
    "Radtourenführer", scale 1:75.000, Sachsen-Kartographie, Part 1: Von der Neißequelle bis zur Oder ISBN 3-932281-70-5, Part 2: Von der Oder bis zur Mündung, ISBN 3-932281-71-3,
    ADFC-Radtourenkarte, scale 1:150.000, Sheet no. 9 "Brandenburg/Spreewald", ISBN 3-87073-069-2 and sheet no. 14 "Lausitz/Östliches Erzgebirge", ISBN 3-87073-074-9
    Radwanderkarte Oder-Neiße-Radweg Zick-Zack-Faltung, 1:60 000, ISBN: 978-3-89591-226-9, 13,90 EUR

Cycling Path Conditions / Path Construction:

The path is mainly paved and runs flat along the Rivers Neiße and Oder.

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