The most water rich region of Brandenburg

Seenland Oder-Spree

The Seenland Oder-Spree is a true Eldorado for water lovers

300 lakes

... and thus the most water rich region in Brandenburg is waiting for you!

46 Natural swimming spots

... a true paradise of untouched nature invites you to swim and relax

139 Fishing waters

Thanks to the countless shelters and places of retreat, the fish stocks are intact and the prospects of exceptional catches are great

Hundreds of lakes, small canals, streams and of course the namesakes Oder and Spree make the Seenland Oder-Spree so unique.

Our tours on the water offer the right body of water for every preference. Whether alone or in a group: every nature lover will find the right opportunity in our region to create special experiences in our water kingdom. In between, however, you can confidently drift and let your soul dangle. Also water lovers do not miss out, because the jump into the cool water is possible everywhere on hot days.


© Seenland Oder-Spree / Florian Läufer


© Seenland Oder-Spree / Florian Läufer


"The Märkisches Meer" - that's what the Brandenburg writer and poet Theodor Fontane once called the body of water in the Saarow hill country, which is up to around 30 meters deep.

  • Favorite lake of the Germans

  • 1200 hectares in size

  • Countless swimming spots


Schermützelsee almost has a Caribbean flair. The lake, which can be over 40 meters deep, probably originated from a gigantic melting block of ice in the Ice Age.

  • 140 hectares in size

  • Turquoise blue water

  • 40 meters deep


The Schwielochsee is the largest natural lake in Brandenburg. The lake stretches over a length of ten kilometers and offers plenty of swimming spots and boat rentals.

  • Largest lake in Brandenburg

  • 8 meters deep

  • 1,330 hectares in size

Danger of confusion

no spelling mistake

Sonnenuntergang über dem Scharmützelsee am Cecilienpark in Bad Saarow© Seenland Oder-Spree / Florian Läufer

It really exists the Scharmützelsee, the favorite lake of the Germans, which Fontane once called "The Märkisches Meer" ...

Der türkise Schermützelsee in der Märkischen Schweiz © Seenland Oder-Spree / Christoph Creutzburg

... and the Schermützelsee in the Märkische Schweiz, which with its unusual turquoise blue color gives Caribbean flair in Brandenburg.

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