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"Neuzeller Kloster-Winzer"


Traditional viticulture in the historic monastery complex

Even the earlier Cistercian monks knew the beneficial effects of a good drop of wine and established their own vineyard within their monastery walls. In the midst of the magnificent Baroque grounds, Abbot Martinus had vines planted in the 18th century that originated in Burgundy. The climate near the river Oden apparently allowed good tasting wine to thrive in the sun.
Vines were grown in the monastery until 1840. In the following years, the monks paid less attention to it. It was not until 2002 that this old tradition was revived and viticulture was cultivated again.

The vineyard is owned by the "Stift Neuzelle" foundation and run by the Neuzeller Kloster-Winzer e.V., which was founded in 2002. For almost 20 years now, the association has lovingly taken care of the development of wine culture in the Oder region. The climatic conditions of recent years with higher sunshine duration and milder temperatures are ideal for viticulture and allow different grape varieties to ripen in the vineyard. Meanwhile, 420 vines have been planted here on a base area of 1,500 square meters.

Wine variety from Neuzelle

In contrast to traditional cultivation on trellises, the vines in Neuzelle are grown on individual stakes. This makes growing the vines a bit more laborious, but is in keeping with the tradition of cultivation at this vineyard, to which the monastery vintners remain faithful.

Six grape varieties

The grape varieties Aron, Phönix, Muskateller, Elbling, Frühburgunder and Merzling feel particularly at home in the Neuzell climate. The yield of the grape harvest can be purchased exclusively at the visitor and tourist information center in Neuzelle.

Guided tours of the vineyards and group arrangements including wine tasting with the monastery winemakers can be booked through the monastery's visitor service. The guided tours offered by the foundation "In and on the Vineyard" are also worth a visit. In addition to wine tasting, guests learn interesting facts about viticulture in the region.

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